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    Job Description

    Responsible for negotiation and fixing spot cargoes on various routes and allocating contract cargoes to assigned ships to maximize the vessels financial results within the prevailing market conditions.


    • Market tonnage to customers/shippers/charterers.
    • Negotiate spot/time charters to achieve maximum income for the owners.
    • Be aware of the positions and desired strategic directions for each ship assigned.
    • Coordinate the allocation of spot and contract cargo to the ship assigned to the specific service.
    • Set up and negotiate deals, including presenting the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of a contract or sale and seeing it through to its conclusion and any follow up that may be involved.
    • Coordinate with chartering and operations' departments to maximize space utilization, minimize the number of port and berth calls and maximize the voyage's financial results.
    • Coordinate all aspects of trans-shipments for respective cargoes.
    • Coordinating contracts of affreightment with customers to receive nominations on time and build programs which fit vessel schedules.
    • Maintain current voyage records and documentation to customers for tonnage loading within the service.
    • Assist the operations department to get an understanding of the more technical nature of shipping.
    • Maintain a thorough knowledge of all relevant charter party forms and company standard terms.
    • Check through charter parties.
    • Travel as required.

     Key skills and Qualifications

    • Strong commercial sense.
    • Ability to think on your feet.
    • Client management/relationship building skills.
    • Having an entrepreneurial nature would be highly desirable along with a strong personal drive to succeed.
    • Ability to negotiate is vital.
    • Numeracy skills are essential.
    • Excellent presentation skills.
    • Ability to communicate well both verbally as well as in a written format.
    • Accuracy and attention to detail is essential.
    • Ability to use Microsoft office, ie Word, Excel.