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Whilst the Dry Cargo team focuses on long distance trade routes, our Shortsea team is responsible for the movement of similar goods on smaller vessels and shorter routes.

Our Shortsea team specialises in shipping dry cargo via regional and coastal trade, smaller ports and shallower waters.

These factors, together with a typical vessel size that ranges from 2,000 mt dwt to 20,000 mt dwt, mean that Shortsea operations demand specialist skills and knowledge. The commodities carried are broadly the same as those handled by the Dry Cargo team - primarily coal, cereals and grains, and biomass, as well as timber, scrap, fertiliser and cement. However, we also have a proven capability in carrying liquids on shorter routes, where we draw on the expertise and experience of our Specialised Products team. 

Our competitive advantage is based on in-depth knowledge, driven by the market intelligence provided by Clarkson Research Services, harnessed to excellent business relationships developed over many years.

Mark Goodall
MD Dry Cargo

The major regions of activity for the Shortsea team include northern Europe, the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, together with increasing activity in West Africa, the Far East and transatlantic. Our Shortsea team is comprised of Clarksons Shortsea in Great Yarmouth and HC Shipping in Hull. In addition, we have an important presence in Genoa and Athens.


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ECUK/ARAG - N Spain Spot Rate



  • DryPmx: Many charterers who are able to chose to go in house as levels further slipped. fresh cargo needed to prevent further decline

  • DryPmx: Pressure continued to build in Atlantic Market, especially in North where cargo supply is particularly thin.

  • FFA: New 2yr highs achieved on IO earlier but a weak close sees us down 50c on the day with the mkt hanging in the balance. Mar last 89.75

  • FFA: Another day dominated by the DCE IO currently struggling to break away from 700. Swaps and spot both easing a touch with mar last 85.65

  • FFA: positivity as IO market again finds new highs. DCE trading at 712.5 (eqv 103.5 USD) but phys spot lagging with TSI index $91.8 +4.8