What is it that makes an individual a Clarksons individual?

Our people are our business

The quality of our people is undoubtedly the foundation of our past achievements and the springboard for our future ambitions. We have a commitment to attracting, training and retaining the best and providing them with the best support, tools and education to ensure success.

Our business is tremendously diverse. Within our offices you will hear dozens of different languages and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds with a mixture of educational and practical experience.

John Beckwith
Head of HR

Even our individual business divisions and broking desks all have their own particular characteristics. But despite the diversity, our people do have certain qualities in common:

  • That they are bright goes without saying. Broking is an intellectually demanding business and only those with quick minds will thrive.
  • Shipbroking is about ships and cargo, of course, but it is also about empathising with people and building relationships. So our most successful people tend to have impressive interpersonal skills.
  • Our people are deeply committed to the company and their clients. Long hours are commonplace, and we expect our people to show passion for the dynamic world of shipping and to work hard before they play hard.  Ambition, focus and motivation are key characteristics.
  • They are also self-starters, displaying an entrepreneurial spirit that constantly strives to find new and better ways of building a profitable business, not only for Clarksons but also for our clients. This is a company where you learn 'on the job' - we provide the knowledge and the tools, and expect our teams to deliver.
  • At the same time, Clarksons is a respected public company and has a reputation for the highest standards of integrity, fairness and transparency. Nothing must ever compromise those values.

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