19 April 2021

The Clarkson Foundation

We're delighted and proud to announce the launch of The Clarkson Foundation.

Born out of the embedded values and generosity of the Clarksons people, The Clarkson Foundation allows us to amplify our charitable giving and go further to help create meaningful, lasting change around the world. 

"Clarksons has always had a generous and charitable nature, from raising money to giving time. It's part of our culture, our values and our instinctive behaviour. The Clarkson Foundation will allow our charitable activity to raise more for worthy causes." 
Jeff Woyda, Clarkson Foundation Chair  

For more information on the causes the foundation supports and its progress so far, click here.

The Clarkson Foundation Board of Trustees: Leo Askaroff - Lily Bagshaw - Alex Gray - Richard Haines - Bob Knight - Dharani Sridharan - Kate Thompson - Jeff Woyda (Chair) - Tilly Harvey (Secretary)