23 January 2014

Clarkson Sweden AB

Clarksons, the world's leading shipping services group, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Uppsala, Sweden.

Clarkson Sweden AB will focus on servicing the many ferry, roro and specialised product tanker owners in the Swedish, Finnish and Baltic regions.  Specialising in Sale and Purchase and Newbuilding contracting,  the office will be staffed by established sector experts, Torbjorn Helmfrid and Per Drape, who until recently worked at Aquamarine Shipping Consultants.

Julian Brynteson, Global Managing Director of Clarksons Sale and Purchase, commented: 'This is an exciting new opportunity for Clarksons and enables us to bring the specialist knowledge and expertise of the Clarkson Group to the heart of this important market.'

The full details of the office are:

Clarkson Sweden AB
Uppsala Castle
752 37 Uppsala

Tel: +4618 502 075

Torbjorn Helmfrid For News
Torbjorn Helmfrid
M: +4670 555 9010
E: sandp.sweden@clarksons.com

Per Drape For News
Per Drape
M: + 4673 656 4575
E: sandp.sweden@clarksons.com