22 April 2013

Clarksons launches its new corporate website

Clarksons has launched a new corporate website.  Along with a fantastic new look and fresh use of the Clarksons brand, it includes a range of new features and functionality that will make visiting the site a better, more informed and interactive experience.

Created with the user experience in mind, the website includes extensive content about each division and market sector highlighting the depth of the company's collective market knowledge and expertise, whilst a new interactive map and timezone clocks clearly demonstrate the breadth of its global coverage.

The site has been designed to be vibrant and dynamic - as well as displaying key facts about the company, Clarksons Research data and publications, it is constantly updated from Clarksons' various Twitter feeds and blogs and is linked to its other Social Media activities on LinkedIn and Facebook.  The aim is to keep the site fresh and up to date and to encourage visitors to return for new information and news.

Cutting edge "responsive design" means that the site automatically realigns itself so that it is as readable on an iPad or iPhone as it is on a desktop computer or laptop.