06 June 2017

Nor-shipping 2017

Oslo's hottest new restaurant Ling Ling, part of the Hakkasan group, closed its doors to the public last week in order to host the 2017 Clarksons Platou Nor-shipping reception.

After the success of the 2015 event at which the launch of theClarksons PlatouGroup was officially celebrated, expectations were high and requests for invitations in demand. Even working with a strict guest list we still extended invitations to more than 2000 people and welcomed close to 700 of them into the reception over the course of the evening.  Shipping and offshore formed the majority, though Clarksons Platou Securities also received a notable number of clients, considerably more than in 2015, highlighting the ever growing importance of the banking business within both our company and the industry. 

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