29 April 2016


You don't need to be remarkable to be diagnosed with breast cancer; fat, thin, rich, poor, fit or unfit, it is an undiscerning disease and if you read this piece slowly enough, by the time you reach the end, another woman will have been diagnosed.

Remarkable is the term best reserved for those who, several months or perhaps years later, come out the other side from a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radio therapy and drugs; battered and bruised the flame burns a little smaller but rather brighter within them and they are all, without exception, remarkable.

In 2014 my wife was still recovering from treatment when she curated an art and sculpture sale and raised over £100,000 for breast cancer with the help of some amazing friends. This weekend, Art for Cure will stage the largest art and sculpture sale outside London this year in the house and grounds of Glemham Hall in Suffolk with over 1200 exhibits from nearly 100 artists. Celebrities have also donated canvasses for auction to lend their backing to the event. There is a huge range of work on sale both in price and scale but, having seen it all, it is incredible.

Now you may read this and have plenty of reasons why a trip to Suffolk this weekend to see some art is not achievable but if you do feel able to make a donation then you will be supporting a very worthy cause and a group of truly remarkable people who have worked tirelessly to stage this amazing event.

Thank you

Carol -peace