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Clarksons is the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, bringing our connections and experience to an international client base.

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10 February 2016 1877.00p delayed by 20 mins

Data period 10 February 2015 to 10 February 2016


  • Enjoy that Twix Mr Walker! https://t.co/TyMmtwPzxU

  • TD18 : Market very steady at the moment with enough cargoes to keep the market going sideways, Non-ice 30 x177.5 and Ice 30 x 190.

  • Tc6: remains flat ws 162,5 as activity remains subdued and weather delays normally associated with the season are minimal

  • FFA: CNY fast approaching - IO has calmed down w curve flat on last night. Vols remain healthy tho as spreads heavily trading Mar/Apr @ 1.70

  • AFRAS: Still horribly quiet in the Med with a dearth of cargoes. It feels more like the height of Summer than mid-Winter.