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Clarksons is the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, bringing our connections and experience to an international client base.

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Clarksons share price

23 July 2014 2176.00p delayed by 20 mins

Data period 23 July 2013 to 23 July 2014


  • TD5: Expect there will be more downside to come although we remain aware of the Libyan production / fuel arb curve balls.

  • TD5: Rates chip away following a quieter few days, clarity on position lists and few replacements allows charterers to gather their thoughts

  • TD3: Charterers are showing their hands in meg & with todays list it will undoubtedly go against them.

  • DryCape: Pac bid-offer spread of $7.50/65 v $7.75 for early Aug. With S Atl ely tonnage still pressing charterers not much incentive to fix.

  • DryHandy: Another quiet Monday on Cont with few fresh reqs, USG similarly subdued with the hope of more action as the week continues.