Training and development

Our people start their development with a structured cross-divisional training programme.

In-depth training starts with an induction followed by a structured work placement process at our head office in London.  During this process you will learn on-the-job skills from the experts who have helped us build our industry-wide reputation.  This is followed by a rotation process whereby you will be able to work in at least seven broking divisions over a three-month period. After this you will be invited to return to one of these broking divisions to spend the next three months focusing on developing your technical skills.  You will also need to attend ongoing lectures that are conducted by our specialist trainers and external experts. Site visits to UK ports are also arranged to learn about the range of services that we provide. 

After successfully completing the initial training period you will have the opportunity to further develop and to learn on-the-job.  You will be given the opportunity to undertake further studies, for example the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, as part of your ongoing personal development.

Career progression

One major benefit of joining our organisation is having the opportunity to work overseas, with colleagues and clients from different cultural backgrounds. International placements can last from a few weeks to a number of years.