Our vision and values

We strive to provide the best in class services to an ever-wider and increasingly diverse client base across all sectors of the shipping industry by providing those clients with unrivalled professionalism and support in the markets where they operate.



What makes us the natural partners for a wide range of clients on five continents? Customer service and entrepreneurial spirit, supported by a firm commitment from everybody at Team Clarksons to deliver our Vision and live our Values, every day.

Andi Case

Our Values are: 


Clarksons is a business built on long-term relationships and trust. Our clients and other stakeholders have always known that we will 'do the right thing'. We say what we mean and stand by those words, taking responsibility for our actions at all times.


Second best has no place at Clarksons. We aim to excel in every way - helping our clients achieve their objectives, no matter how challenging, by applying our unrivalled breadth, reach, experience and expertise to each project. We deliver innovative solutions to complex problems and our challenge is to exceed our clients' expectations at all times, on every aspect of every project.


Every person and business we encounter is treated equally. We are fair to our clients, in the terms we propose and the level of service each party can expect, and fair to our own people. As a PLC, we consistently reinvest profits in training and development, even through the downturns, supporting every member of Clarksons to fulfil their potential.


Like many of our clients , we are a publicly listed company and we share many of the same drivers, challenges and concerns. Our PLC status requires that we adhere to high standards of governance throughout the company.

Board of directors

Clarksons Board of Directors

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Our Strategy

We have a clear strategy to maintain and extend our industry leadership

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