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We enable smarter, cleaner global trade by empowering our clients and our people to make better informed decisions using our market-leading technology and intelligence; and in doing so, meet the demands of the world’s rapidly evolving maritime, offshore, trade and energy markets.




Our values

We always act with integrity

We are honest and straight-talking with no tolerance for hidden agendas or politics. We act with thoughtfulness and integrity so our clients know they can trust us to do the right thing. Always.

Our values in action

We’re dedicated to excellence

We work as a team, using our insight and intelligence to explore innovative solutions. We strive to exceed clients’ expectations, every time. And we do. To deliver better solutions that deliver better results.

We collaborate and challenge

We’re committed to collective success and we’re not afraid of challenging the status quo to achieve it. Across 52 offices in 23 countries, we work together to reach the best outcome.


Committed to doing business responsibly

As the maritime industry is modernising and professionalising, we help our clients meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world in a responsible, sustainable way. It’s what we do. And side by side with our clients, we’re going to keep doing it better. One way we achieve this is through our comprehensive compliance process, designed to protect the Group as well as our clients.

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Supporting a cleaner, greener, fairer world

Clarksons is committed to being a force for good. We believe in making a positive contribution to the world we live in and the people we share it with. In 2020, the Clarkson Foundation was established to channel our people’s time and expertise to create a real, tangible difference. We also established our Green Transition team to help clients navigate the challenge of decarbonisation and find new opportunities to contribute to the global climate change agenda.

Our approach to sustainability

Where stand-out people fit in

A Clarksons career is your opportunity to help change the shape of global shipping. We are entrepreneurial, relationship-driven, and built for agility. We encourage you to own your career and strive to actively support you in realising your potential. When you make an impact at Clarksons, you’re recognised and rewarded.

Working for us


Our personality

Our personality traits reflect the way in which we present ourselves internally and externally. They represent how we communicate, how we approach working with each other, and how our external stakeholders expect us to behave towards them. Our personality traits are a key component of the culture of the business.



We’re open-minded and receptive to new ideas. We’re clear about what we’re doing, both with each other and with our clients.



We’re a future-facing company. We embrace change and help those around us embrace it too.



We show consideration to everyone – our clients, communities and people. We use our intelligence and think about our impact.



We act with pace and enthusiasm. We’re driven by, and committed to, our clients’ success.