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Unrivalled support for the marine and energy industries

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Worldwide port coverage

Our team ensure your vessels and crew members can pass through port safely and without interruption. Thanks to our detailed understanding of local ports around the globe, we’re able to implement the most effective processes and protocols. We have over 50 global brand leaders delivering services to clients and the expertise to support a wide range of vessels - from Offshore energy to dry cargo.




Quality global supply chain partners

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Suez Canal Transit

Local expertise in a key shipping gateway

The Suez Canal provides a vital trade route between Europe and Asia. Our regional experts across seven offices in Egypt deliver on-the-ground expertise for transiting cargo through the gateway including updates on navigational information, rebate handling, rules of navigation, tolls and port calls.

Sustainability Port Services


New quayside premises cuts team's current tCO₂e by 16%

In further commitment to its sustainability strategy, Aberdeen-based Clarksons Port Services moved into new premises at Aberdeen Harbour's Matthew's Quay.

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