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Clarksons Valuations is the world’s leading provider of valuations, combining deep market expertise with trusted research and innovative technology.


Valuations per year

Our specialists are able to cover the full range of vessel types in your Shipping or Offshore fleet.


Top ship financiers use us

We are trusted by the financial community, with over 90% of major ship finance institutions using us each year.


Market value

of the world fleet and orderbook.


Respected and professional service

We are the world’s leading provider of vessel valuations, trusted by vessel owners and the wider financial community. Our specialist team offer a unique combination of leading independent research, best-in-class validation, cutting-edge technology and market expertise gathered from the Clarksons broker network. 

We offer valuation certificates and a portfolio service providing access to our valuation technology platform, which includes digital delivery, authentication, portfolio management and enhanced validation. This allows our clients to digitalise their workflows and monitor dynamic trends in market conditions. 

It’s this unrivalled dedication to accuracy and efficiency that makes us the go-to choice for valuation services to an extensive range of ship finance banks, leasing institutions, publicly listed companies and private owners. Our experienced team offers full sector coverage, providing valuations for all vessel types across your Shipping and Offshore fleets.

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Understanding the world around us

Research Markets

ClarkSea Record

In our 2022 review, we profile another remarkable year for the shipping industry, with a record breaking ClarkSea Index (up 30% y-o-y) and a maritime sector again managing wide ranging disruption from global events including the onset of the Ukraine conflict, continued impacts from the pandemic, a slowing world economy and divergent trends across the shipping sectors.

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Research Markets

2022: Shipping's half year report

Clarksons Research have released their half year statistics on to Shipping Intelligence Network. After the resilience and then strong recovery of recent years, it has been another exceptional half year for shipping with our cross-segment ClarkSea* for shipping cargo transportation averaging $38,844/day, up 7% on 2H 2021 and 157% on the 10-yr average.

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Research Green Transition Markets

Fuelling Transition: Tracking Progress

With a record share of newbuild orders in Q1 alternative fuelled, this week’s Analysis, extracted from our upcoming Fuelling Transition report, tracks progress in the shipping industry’s vital decarbonisation journey.

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