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Unrivalled global ship broking services backed by rich market intelligence

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Negotiating fixtures that keep the world moving

Supply and demand cycles. Market dynamics and industry movements. Trade patterns and energy transitions. Our ship broking specialists know where the market is and, thanks to our world-class analysts and depth of research, we have rich insight into where it is heading. Uniquely positioned to help you make better-informed decisions, our worldwide reach and local insight help broker deals that enable global trade.


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Joined up thinking

Offshore ROV construction vessel at an offshore wind farm location
Offshore Renewables Broking


US$20bn of spend is needed to build 200 new vessels

Countries around the world have set ambitious targets around Wind energy production for 2030. But with Wind booming and Oil & Gas back in a big way – does the industry have the Offshore wind vessels required to keep pace with demand?

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Decarbonising Shipping

The industry must act now

We believe Clarkson’s role is not just to enable global trade, but to be proactive in our industry’s response to emissions and leading positive change. This aspiration is at the heart of our integrated approach to shipping decarbonisation.

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