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Our Shortsea Broking team are renowned for their strong relationships across the shortsea shipping sector and specialist knowledge, driven by in-house market intelligence from Clarksons Research.


Tonnes of cargo fixed per year

We’re the shortsea broking go-to partner for those operating within the Continent, Baltic, Mediterranean and trans-Atlantic regions.


Years of shortsea data to hand

Our unrivalled knowledge of shipping markets and trends enables better, more effective decision-making.


Flexibility for our clients

Our shortsea services team provide quick, efficient problem solving and around the clock service.

Shortsea Broking

Partner with sector specialists

As the Shortsea Broking team, we are set apart by the depth and quality of our business relationships, with an extensive list of shipowning contacts. Having built solid relationships with some of Europe’s largest and most flexible shortsea shipowners over several decades, we’re able to consistently deliver a first-rate shortsea broking service. And with intracompany contacts to a range of other sectors, Clarksons is a ‘one stop shop’ for all your shortsea broking needs.

We’re known for our strong knowledge of shipping markets and trends, particularly in the grain sector. Clarksons Research gives us in-house access to a wealth of insight which enables our brokers to make better informed decisions and tackle problem solving more efficiently. We also have access to cutting-edge shipping tools. So whether you’re a shipowner or charterer, our timely and accurate data allows us to provide the best possible service in shipping dry cargo via regional and coastal trade, smaller ports and shallower waters.

Our specialist brokers typically work with vessels between 2,000 and 30,000 mt dwt and have experience fixing shipments for a range of commodities, including coal, cereals and grains, biomass, timber, scrap, fertiliser and cement. We are proud of our broad international reach, with our major regions of activity including northern Europe, the Baltic, the Mediterranean, North Atlantic routes, and increasing activity in West Africa.

Broking Terms of Business

Understanding the world around us

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