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Expert analysis and data framing the impact of energy transition on trade flows and the effects of the fuelling transition across the maritime fleet and rapidly growing Offshore Renewables sector.


Tonnes of seaborne trade is energy

We provide understanding of how energy transition may impact energy trade and Offshore energy production.


Of global CO₂ from ship emissions

Our data and intelligence frame the fuelling transition the maritime industry is making to facilitate decarbonisation.


Offshore wind growth (2011 to 2021)

We provide market-leading data, intelligence and analysis on the growing Offshore wind market.

Energy Transition

Understand the impact on maritime

As pressures build globally to find solutions to moderate climate change, the energy transition will cause fundamental changes to shipping, trade, Offshore and energy. We are committed to providing data and intelligence to help frame the critical decisions that stakeholders across our industry will need to make to facilitate the decarbonisation of the maritime sector. Firstly, our modelling and insights provide a framework for understanding how the energy transition may impact on seaborne energy trade and Offshore energy production. 

Secondly, through our World Fleet Register and fuelling transition work, we help our clients understand complex regulations and policies, track alternative fuel uptake, energy saving technologies and emissions across the world fleet. We also analyse the impact of environmental policy, regulation and technology on market supply / demand and fleet renewal requirements.

And thirdly, our Renewables Intelligence Network provides leading data, intelligence and analysis around Offshore Renewables, including the fast-growing Offshore wind sector and global coverage of all farms, turbines, vessels, contractors and developers involved in this exciting industry. Clarksons has also established a dedicated Green Transition team to work with our Broking and Finance teams to develop and execute decarbonisation strategies for our clients.

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Understanding the world around us

Research Markets

ClarkSea Record

In our 2022 review, we profile another remarkable year for the shipping industry, with a record breaking ClarkSea Index (up 30% y-o-y) and a maritime sector again managing wide ranging disruption from global events including the onset of the Ukraine conflict, continued impacts from the pandemic, a slowing world economy and divergent trends across the shipping sectors.

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Research Markets

2022: Shipping's half year report

Clarksons Research have released their half year statistics on to Shipping Intelligence Network. After the resilience and then strong recovery of recent years, it has been another exceptional half year for shipping with our cross-segment ClarkSea* for shipping cargo transportation averaging $38,844/day, up 7% on 2H 2021 and 157% on the 10-yr average.

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Research Green Transition Markets

Fuelling Transition: Tracking Progress

With a record share of newbuild orders in Q1 alternative fuelled, this week’s Analysis, extracted from our upcoming Fuelling Transition report, tracks progress in the shipping industry’s vital decarbonisation journey.

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