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Clarksons Gives Back Week 2020


The Coronavirus pandemic put paid to our usual annual fundraising event. But that didn’t stop us volunteering to help our local communities. We did that through an initiative we called Clarksons Gives Back week. Over the course of a month, teams from across our global office network volunteered their time to support causes local to them.

"By working as one, we were able to achieve more for others. We are proud to be Clarksons."

group of Clarksons employees in hi vis jackets with litter pickers

Cleaning the beaches

Our Aberdeen team helped clean up Greyhope Bay, an area close to the office that connects and engages communities with the marine world. We encouraged Clarksons Port Services and Gibb employees from all over the UK to take part and contribute to fundraising efforts for the Great British Beach Clean and Greyhope Bay.

In Singapore, over 70 volunteers turned out from the local office to clean the beach. It was much needed as well, with the monsoon winds whipping up a 90% increase in flotsam and workers unable to get out owing to COVID-19.

It was a similar story in Hong Kong, with the team cleaning up Sandy Bay Beach on the south side of the island. Social distancing limited the team to four, but they filled ten large black bin bags and removed several large plastic pallets and an old fire extinguisher.


Ridding rivers of rubbish

The Copenhagen office got together with coastal clear-up group GreenKayak to collect rubbish from the city’s rivers. GreenKayak is a non-profit initiative aimed at reducing waste volumes in Copenhagen harbour.


Helping out in Houston

The Houston office volunteered at the Houston Food Bank, helping sort, process and pack food for kids, seniors and others who may be experiencing food insecurity.


Cleaning up the capital

COVID-19 meant the Great British Spring Clean was re-christened as the Great British September Clean. The London office sprang into action, collecting an impressive 199kg of rubbish around the dock and Tower Hamlets.


Mucky rivers in Madrid

The Madrid office rallied their friends and families on 24 September to clean up the local rivers with a company called ECOMAR.


Sponsoring sport in Oslo

Sport is great for mental and physical health. But in Oslo, sponsorship for sporting events is hard to come by. Luckily, our Oslo office stepped up to the service line to sponsor the national under-12s tennis tournament and the national championships, now called Clarksons NC in Tennis 2020.


Clarksons Gives Back Week 2020 was a great success. Not only did we raise a staggering amount for charity, but we banded together in such a way that it helped us to grow as a team, and realise that in working as one, we could achieve more for others. We are proud to be Clarksons.