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Clarksons' enhances its sustainability offering


Clarksons’ Carbon Broking team is pleased to announce its new partnership with CarbonChain, offering an automated carbon accounting solution to clients in the heaviest emitting industries.

With soaring emissions from shipping and growing carbon regulation, logistics companies are exposed to high levels of risk and opportunity, including legislation, legal risks, increased costs, and growing demand for low-carbon transportation. Clarksons’ Carbon Broking team offers expert support to clients looking to address such challenges. With broad expertise in global carbon markets, the specialist team delivers market-based solutions that help clients make cleaner, faster, data-driven decisions. The new partnership with CarbonChain will further enhance this offering.

The CarbonChain platform offers automated supply chain carbon accounting for companies, traders, financiers, and logistics firms in the most climate-critical industries (Metals & Minerals, Oil & Gas, and Agriculture). The technology enables users to track progress and utilise the data for target-setting and automated reporting, in turn helping tackle risk, reduce emissions, and accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy.

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Unlike broad-based estimates, CarbonChain’s carbon accounting platform provides granular, accurate, and actionable insights. The AI-powered automated platform helps users to stay competitive and resilient in the net-zero transition by enabling them to:

  • Get highly accurate carbon data for every trade, lifecycle or asset, whether mine, rig or wind farm
  • Monitor, report and reduce carbon emissions
  • Track emissions over time 
  • Gain competitive advantage with verifiably low carbon products and supply chains
  • Measure the impact of carbon pricing, green sourcing strategies, and offsets
  • Rate suppliers, consignments and vessels, compare and track progress over time 
  • Meet stakeholder demand: give customers and investors accurate, auditable, and certifiable emissions reports that they can trust
  • Demonstrate transparency and awareness of their full climate impacts and risks, and set quantified targets while reporting progress
  • Protect trade flows from carbon risk by discovering the impact of regulation and preparing accordingly. 


Adam Hearne, CEO of CarbonChain, speaking about the partnership with Clarksons, he commented:

“CarbonChain helps climate-critical sectors take action by filling a critical data gap for the end-to-end supply chain emissions tracking with accuracy and granularity. "

Adam continued with, “We are a team of engineers and sales leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s largest sources of carbon emissions by automating emissions accounting in a truly critical era. CarbonChain already has considerable experience working with leading companies in the commodities and shipping industries and we look forward to supporting more clients via our partnership with Clarksons.”

Roger Horton, Chief Commercial Officer, Global Broking at Clarksons, added:

“We are dedicated to continually enhancing our integrated maritime sustainability offering here at Clarksons".

Roger continued, "We believe that our role is not just to enable global trade, but also to be proactive in our industry’s response to emissions by leading positive change. We are delighted to be partnering with CarbonChain, our clients are able to gain insights, track progress, and better meet their green objectives with the platform’s accurate, industry-leading carbon data for the complete end to end shipping lifecycle".

To understand more about carbon offsets or technology solutions that will help to manage carbon emissions, get in touch with our carbon broking desk.