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Evolving the Clarksons brand


The Clarksons brand has evolved with a new look and feel.
The first thing you may notice is our logo. The instantly recognisable flag remains, but in a more modern guise with a fresh take on our heritage red, white and blue colour options. Following updates to our legal entity name , you will see we have also dropped ‘Platou’ from our name so that we are now simply known as ‘Clarksons’.

Our website has been updated too. Following a significant redesign, it now provides a more informative experience for visitors, ensuring they can find the information they need quickly, easily and on any device.

The refreshed brand also reflects our culture. You’ll see our updated values and personality traits embody our openness, collaboration and team spirit and we will use these to drive the tone of our communications, both visually and verbally.

Enabling global trade, leading positive change: Our purpose as a business remains the same. We’re simply expressing it more clearly, with a fresh and modern twist to bring our brand into focus and drive the business forward to achieve even greater impact.

We are proud of the new Clarksons brand and what it represents. We look forward to our people, clients and stakeholders seeing it ‘in the wild’ for the first time whether online or at an in-person event.


Building on strong foundations

We’ve worked hard to create the strong brand that Clarksons is today and we’re proud of that. We’re industry leaders with the expertise and intelligence to enable cleaner, smarter global trade and lead positive change. We have the best teams. The best talent. And we’re continuing to grow.

We undertook an in-depth review to ensure the new brand is fully leveraging this strength and heritage while also showcasing our future-facing objectives. In addition, we carried out an incredible amount of internal research with key stakeholders to ensure the new look and feel is relevant and promotes our business effectively.

The refreshed branding is not a case of ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Our DNA will remain the same, but we will express ourselves with greater clarity and consistency – both internally and externally.

We have always been leaders so as the industry progresses, modernises and professionalises, we will continue to set the benchmark for excellence.

How did we get here?

Firmly positioned at the heart of global shipping, and with a hard-earned reputation for excellence, Clarksons has grown at pace and strength since it was established in 1852. Alongside that success, our brand has grown organically with the Clarksons name – and iconic flag – enjoying instant recognition across the maritime industry.

To know the future, you must understand the past

We did not get where we are today by resting on our laurels. The pioneering, wayfinder spirit that launched Clarksons is still very much part of our DNA. We have always been leaders so as the industry progresses, modernises and professionalises, we will continue to set the benchmark for excellence.

Shipping is evolving and becoming increasingly complex, so it is more important than ever to speak to our clients and stakeholders in a way that matters to them. As part of our commitment to achieving this, we recently took the opportunity to step back and look at how the Clarksons brand is presenting itself.

Why does it matter?

Our brand is shorthand for everyone to be able to understand who we are as a business, how we work and our vision for the future. The Clarksons brand evolution will give us focus internally as well as providing clarity for our current clients and stakeholders. And for new audiences who don’t know us, it’s an accurate snapshot of who we are, what we do and what we believe in.