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Watch our experts from the offshore and green transition teams discuss the future of offshore energy.


The critical importance of offshore energy has never been more prevalent and recognised across different sectors of the global maritime industry.  Momentum is building globally with critical inputs – finance, reliable data, regulations, market-based measures, emerging new fuel sources and technology all advancing and driving change. 

Watch our leadership fireside chat where the panellists discuss the opportunities and challenges in the future of offshore energy. 


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"Offshore energy production has come into sharper focus recently due to the decarbonisation, electrification of everything and geopolitical issues. With over 20 years’ experience working on offshore windfarm developments, I am looking forward to joining the panellists to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and touch on those interrelated issues that span the energy sector covering renewables, O&G, finance, and green transition."

Frederik C. Andersen

Managing Director, Renewables

The panel includes:

  • Frederik C. Andersen | Managing Director | Renewables
  • Erik Tønne | Managing Director | Market Analysis | Offshore Research
  • Kenneth Tveter | Head of Green Transition
  • Turner Holm | Investment Banking | Clarksons Securities AS

The panellists shared their unique views on the following:

  • The new energy security paradigm and offshore energy role in the period to 2050
  • Return of O&G and the impact on the energy markets and offshore wind supply chain
  • The delay of green transition and potential consequences
  • Where does offshore wind fit in in the energy mix of the future?
  • What’s all the fuss about Floating Offshore Wind
  • Power2x explained: an enabler of a new global gas carrier trade and key to commoditize renewables energy
  • Vessel capacity needs.

"Abundant, cheap and reliable energy is essential for human progress and prosperity. While we need to transition to lower carbon energy, the transition poses a range of significant challenges. Offshore energy will play a vital role in the future energy mix and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future."

Erik Tønne

Managing Director, Market Analysis, Offshore Research