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Q&A with Heike Truol


The Board is committed to employees having the opportunity for their views to be heard.

Heike Truol

Employee Engagement Director

What engagement activities are currently utilised?

Clarksons has a strong in-person culture and operates in a relationship-driven industry. We have found there are lots of opportunities to leverage that when engaging with employees. We have a regular schedule of focus and listening groups that are made up of a mix of employees from across the Group when we are discussing general issues that effect everyone, or bespoke groups when we are addressing a specific topic. The Board conducts its meetings in person, and therefore Non-Executive Directors visit our offices regularly and use that opportunity to meet with a cross-section of employees. There is also a strong culture of social events that provide further opportunities to engage with employees. In addition, along with most businesses, we got used to meeting virtually over the last couple of years and that has meant there have been opportunities to leverage that capability and meet different groups in both virtual and in-person meetings.


What sort of topics are discussed?

The agenda is deliberately broad. We focus on key market and industry themes that may affect employees, Company-specific topics, changes in the industry, opportunities and challenges and macro themes that affect everyone. For obvious reasons, there has been a strong focus on well-being over the last two years.

Importantly, we always provide employees with an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns they may have without limitation on topic.


How does the Board hear about the employee voice?

The Board is committed to employees having the opportunity for their views, suggestions and concerns to be heard. I provide a channel for feedback between the Board and the Employee Voice Forum, and report back to the Board on those engagement activities, but the Non-Executive Directors also take the opportunity to form their own views from conversations and meetings with employees they spend time with.


What plans do you have to develop the employee voice initiative further?

With opportunities to travel largely back to normal we are looking forward to combining business trips with in-person sessions across our global offices that so far have been engaged in the initiative remotely. We are taking feedback from employees and will develop the engagement to address the appetite and suggestions of our people. Key topics continue to include ESG initiatives and focus, the Green Transition and technology transformation in shipping.


Heike Truol

Employee Engagement Director