Clarksons Research is respected worldwide as the most authoritative provider of intelligence for global shipping.

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From locations in the UK and Shanghai, our team of 75 full-time researchers collects, validates, analyses and manages a wide range of data to inform the key business decisions that shape our industry. No other research group can rival the breadth or depth of our products or the reputation of our team - which is why more organisations turn to us than to any other source.

Industry-Leading Research

Certified to ISO9000, we are a one-stop-shop for reliable business intelligence, with a history of over 50 years of publishing data supported by innovation that encompasses a leading-edge internet presence. From web products such as Shipping Intelligence Network and World Fleet Register to printed publications including Shipping Intelligence Weekly and Offshore Intelligence Monthly, we provide clients with the trusted intelligence they need, in the format they need it.

Clarksons brokers are key users of our services. They rely on our expertise and commentary, together with the skills of the group's dedicated market analysts, to sharpen their competitive edge and bring deals to fruition. We also work closely with our colleagues in Clarksons Platou Securities and in recent years have provided data and analysis for over 100 successful IPO and bond issues.

Bespoke Services

In addition to off-the-shelf digital downloads and hard copy, we offer bespoke customer service contracts tailored to the specific needs of clients, particularly those in the financial, government, insurance, equipment and shipbuilding sectors.

Through Clarkson Valuations, our Research division is also the leading provider of valuations to owners and the financial community.


  • Offshore and Energy

    For more than 30 years, we have been a leading provider of data to the offshore industry. We give clients access to the information they need to operate their businesses more effectively.

  • Shipping and Trade

    We are the market leader in providing timely and authoritative information on all aspects of shipping. Providing data on over 135,000 vessels either in service or on order, 40,000 companies and 600 shipyards as well as extensive trade and commercial data, and over 100,000 time series.

  • Valuations

    Clarkson Valuations Limited, a subsidiary of our Research division, is the world’s leading provider of valuations to owners and the financial community.