The Charity Committee

It is with great pride that I write to you as Chairman of the Clarksons CSR committee. Since taking over this role in 2013, Team Clarksons has continued to go BEYOND expectations, generously contributing to charities and working with the community to promote the maritime industry and provide work experience, employment and training opportunities to so many people, young and old, wishing to find a way into the world of shipping and offshore.

Since 2013, members of Team Clarksons have gone BEYOND their safe zone - they have climbed mountains, conquered the North Pole, cycled hills and roads, done marathons, triathlons and tough mudders, shaved off their hair and grown moustaches, played most sports - even dragon boat racing and Kite surfing, done the 3 peaks and much much more…all for charity. I am delighted to be able to say that Team Clarksons, during this time, has consequently contributed to over 90 charities, and raised around £1m for good causes around the world. As a committee, we support most charitable endeavours and also highlight each year up to 4 charities for larger donations and exploits. We also recognise needs in times of major disaster, such as the Philippine Typhoon and the Japanese Nuclear disaster.

In addition to raising money, we have looked BEYOND today and helped the community gain experience, expertise and a vision for the future. Students from the UK and overseas have undergone work experience, we have run 48 seminars for over 2,500 trainees, staff, clients and other market professionals and the John Marshall Lectures, 1 week's training in each of Dry Cargo and Tankers, have taken place every year training in excess of 200 people - from Clarksons and the wider industry. We also have close relationships with many universities and business schools around the world specialising in Maritime.

We have a dedicated training officer, and have run lectures in a broad range of topics from "Life at Sea" and "Insights on India's impact on global trade and shipping" to "Ballast Water Management" and "Marine Salvage". We have worked and hosted lectures with the Institute of Shipbrokers, London Shipping Law Centre and UK Chamber of Shipping; to name but a few, and have ensured all staff undergo ABC training on a regular basis. Staff are also supported in their career development, whether that involves qualifications with the ICS, CIMA or CIPD, MBA study or more practical first aid, Health & Safety and compliance training.

Of course over the past year, we are BEYOND proud that "our Jeff" - the Lord Mountevans has been Lord Mayor of London. Clarksons were prominent in supporting Jeffrey wherever possible, including the Lord Mayors parade and appeal during this historic milestone in Clarksons 164 year history. During his year, he has obviously promoted extensively the Maritime theme, and a high point was the bringing together of all MD's, Directors and Divisional Directors in the Egyptian hall of the Mansion House to celebrate Clarksons unique talent and Jeffrey's appointment.

As a group, we of course also go BEYOND the internal and reach out into the industry, with members of Team Clarksons also serving as directors of the Baltic Exchange, ITIC, the London Tanker Brokers Panel, Dubai Maritime Advisory Council, Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre.

So we at Clarksons go BEYOND in our social responsibilities in so many ways… in giving back to our staff, society at large, the markets in which we work, and to those less fortunate than ourselves, and we will continue this approach BEYOND the now and into the future.

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Jeff Woyda
CFO and COO Clarkson PLC