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Equity and credit research that goes beyond annual reports and spreadsheets.

Being part of the broader Clarksons Group, we leverage the expertise found across the firm to provide unparalleled insights to our clients. We strive to be the preferred go-to research provider and speaking partner for everything within shipping, offshore, metals and minerals, renewables and E&P.


No. equities and credits covered

We provide insights across the capital structure.


Market cap under coverage

Companies listed in the US, Norway, UK, Canada, Australia and more.


Of market cap covered

Across all shipping and offshore drilling companies listed in Oslo, New York and Copenhagen.

Our offering

Research that informs, guides, and shapes the future of maritime investment

We offer an extensive suite of products, including daily newsletters and insightful weekly reports that cover data and emerging themes. Additionally, our global investor calls ensure clients remain well-informed about significant industry-shaping news. Clients also have the privilege of direct access to our analysts, ensuring personalised understanding and guidance.

The team

Specialised and up to date

The Clarksons Securities’ research team spans both senior and junior talent, divided into six specialised sub-teams, each focusing on one of Clarksons Securities’ core sectors. Our largest sector team in terms of coverage reach is the shipping team, with more than 40 stocks under coverage. This is followed by the Offshore team, the Metals & Minerals team and the Renewables team. The newest additions to our universe are E&P and our Macro & Strategy insights. All our sector teams work across the capital structure, closely following both equities and credits within our maritime sphere. We pride ourselves in always being up to date on whatever is happening within our broad coverage universe.

Sectors covered

Trusted speaking partners for all that is shipping

We offer a 360-degree view of the investment landscape.

Our research team stands at the forefront of shipping equity and credit research, offering unparalleled insights into the dynamic world of maritime economics. Our analysts are not just experts in their field; they are the trusted voices and speaking partners to some of the world's most influential investors. Our research spans across comprehensive company updates for over 40 listed shipping entities worldwide, ensuring our clients stay ahead with the most current and strategic information at their fingertips.

At the heart of our offerings is our daily freight market update, a testament to our commitment to providing timely and critical rate information that serves as the industry benchmark. This, coupled with our weekly newsletter, offers a deep dive into shipping market dynamics, focusing on stock market movements and the impact of global events on shipping. Our expertise also extends beyond equity, with detailed credit analysis for companies with outstanding bonds, ensuring our clients have a 360-degree view of their investment landscape.

Offshore ship at oil and gas rig

Going beyond spreadsheets and quarterly reports

We help clients navigate offshore drilling, subsea and OSV.

The Offshore Oil Services team is specialised within the offshore drilling, subsea, and OSV sectors. The team prides itself not only on adept analysis of financial reports but by its deep immersion in the industries’ complexities, which goes well beyond the conventional confines of spreadsheets and quarterly summaries. With access to a wealth of internal expertise within the Clarksons Group in the sectors we cover, we believe we offer unparalleled insights and a profound understanding of the dynamics within these industries. This depth of analysis ensures our research is not just comprehensive but also anticipatory, and our goal is to empower clients with a forward-looking perspective.

We aim to always be the preferred speaking partner for investors and believe our privileged position as intermediaries allows for a rich exchange of insights. Our offering is further enhanced by expertise in both equity and credit analysis.

Close up of lithium battery

From mineral extraction to processing

We have in-depth understanding of the entire value chain.

The Metals & Mining Research Team comprises dedicated analysts committed to providing invaluable insights and strategic guidance within the Metals & Minerals sector. As analysts focusing on both equity and credit markets, we conduct thorough analyses of financial data, offer comprehensive industry market outlooks, and deliver expert company valuations. Our research extends across the entire mining value chain, covering everything from mineral extraction and processing to downstream operations.

With a keen eye on emerging trends and market dynamics, our team delves into sectors such as battery minerals and battery cell production, as well as the mature base metal markets. Leveraging our global footprint and deep industry knowledge, we offer thorough analysis that empowers our clients to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving mining landscape. Backed by Clarksons Securities' reputation for excellence and innovation in financial advisory services, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled insights that drive success in the metals and mining industry.

Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel

Navigating the extensive array of green technologies

Grounded in insights from industry experts.

Our research in renewable energy encompasses an extensive array of green technologies and value chains. This includes market-wide and company-specific research on both onshore and offshore wind, solar energy solutions, and battery storage technologies. Moreover, the research covers companies pioneering the development of future-proof fuels, such as hydrogen, green ammonia, and methanol, alongside innovative clean-tech initiatives like carbon capture.

Utilizing Clarkson's extensive network within energy trading and offshore wind services, our research is grounded in insights from reputable industry experts. We adopt a fundamental approach to company valuations, dedicating ourselves to producing the most comprehensive and precise analysis of the entities we cover, both on the equity and credit research side.

An expert on the NCS and Kurdistan

We aim for actionable analysis.

The newest addition to the Clarksons Securities’ Research offering is the E&P team. While the current coverage focusing primarily on mid-cap firms operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and in Kurdistan, companies from Canada and Africa could join the universe with time as well. Since the team’s inception, we have been providing clients with valuable, actionable analysis for the companies we cover.

Despite being a relatively new team, everything we produce adheres to the same Clarksons’ standards; using rigorous research methods combined with the valuable expertise found within the Group. We always try to ensure that our recommendations are both precise and strategic.

Understanding the bigger picture

Interest rates, inflation and credit spreads matter for everyone.

We provide an array of research offerings focusing on macroeconomic trends, credit markets, and market insights. Our biweekly Strategic notes report delivers in-depth analysis covering inflation, interest rates, credit spreads, equity markets, and various macroeconomic factors.

In the realm of credit markets, our research entails comprehensive updates on individual companies' credit, alongside broader sectoral reports incorporating credit scoring across a diverse range of companies within each sector. Our company-specific research reports offer both primary deal-oriented analysis and regular credit updates throughout the lifespan of a bond.

Our research products seamlessly integrate cross-sector team expertise to deliver comprehensive insights into macro, credit, and market strategy considerations.