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2020 - A year like no other


The global COVID-19 pandemic meant we had to face unprecedented challenges - as individuals, as friends, as families and as employees. It’s a year that impacted every aspect of our daily lives in such a profound way that the ripples will be felt for a long time after 2021 rings in. But as our worlds became smaller, the Clarksons community grew tighter. We were able to lean on each other for support, motivation and much needed light-hearted entertainment.

The Clarksons Hub

With the launch of the Clarksons Hub, the CSR team focussed on bringing us together with charitable and social endeavours - quizzes, yoga, ice bucket challenges, headstands, virtual meet ups, tips to support our wellbeing, and personal development through distance learning became normal.

Putting the world to writes

We involved Clarksons families in our activities wherever possible, hosting kids’ competitions that saw pictures painted, treasure collected, cakes baked, and inventions made. We even helped to bring together new friends from across the world through our pen pal scheme.

With millions of children isolated at home during the pandemic, we connected kids with counterparts of similar ages in other global offices as part of our pen pal programme. We encouraged kids to exchange letters (or emails) with their new-found overseas friend. They soaked up information about other cultures, ways of living, and methods of coping with lockdown, shared activity ideas and stories.

Zoe and Anya, daughters of Jon Webber and Simon Devon, were one success story. Over email, they enjoyed finding out things they have in common. These included a mutual aversion to maths and a love of Nutella!

The floating chef

The sous-chef from Melusine restaurant, located close to our London HQ, was living in shared accommodation. This meant he couldn’t work during lockdown 1.0. We opened up one of our floating apartments so he could stay there without charge for a month. The restaurant stayed open, and the chef could keep going to work.


Five grand in two hours

In April, we hosted a global quiz to raise cash for our chosen charities, The Mission to Seafarers, Mind, Carers UK and the Trussell Trust. A couple of hours was all it took for 26 teams to raise £5,820.


Clap with Clarksons

Remember those Thursday evenings clapping for the carers? Did we join in? Of course we did. UK employees joined the Clap with Clarksons on 7th May to pay homage to key workers putting their lives on the line for us.