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Technology to help you reduce carbon footprint

The Clarksons Carbon Broking Team is dedicated to assisting clients reduce their fuel and carbon footprint. It’s a high priority for our clients and reducing carbon emissions and pressure will increase as further regulation and legislation come into force, the shipping industry must act now.


Better decision making

Signol is a software product that brings behavioural science to shipping fuel efficiency, creating commercial, environmental, and social value at speed. The software is a communication and feedback platform that continually optimises individual operational efficiency, using a combination of behavioural science and data analytics. Connecting Ship Captains and Chief Engineers to their operational data and motivating them to improve their performance in small ways, leading to a compound reduction in fuel use and emissions.

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Reduce Carbon Emissions

Chooose is a programme helping compensate clients carbon footprint through trusted climate solutions. By offsetting your shipping, you support carbon mitigation projects that reduce, capture, or avoid carbon emissions in an amount equivalent to your shipping's carbon footprint. The projects are selected with Clarksons by carbon professionals and verified by the most comprehensive certification standards, such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard. All projects support multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

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Track your supply chain carbon footprint

The CarbonChain platform gives Clarksons clients the tools they need to track their end-to-end carbon footprint automatically, in real time, from verified sources. Uncovering true carbon emissions faster and accurately, the AI-powered automated platform lets you stay competitive and resilient in the net-zero transition.

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