07 September 2021

A never before taken route for an entire uninterrupted transit of the NSR

Adrian Goodger, Director of our Towage, Salvage and Transportation team explains the unique requirements surrounding the transportation of the jack up rig "Atlantic Amsterdam".

Transporting rigs is not unusual for Clarksons. Clients value our ability to analyse positions and global availability of assets in this niche market and to offer competitive solutions. One of our most recent deals saw the team deliver a unique and creative solution for the jack up rig "Atlantic Amsterdam" in the Port of Grenaa. 

A unique loading solution 

Due to the size of the Atlantic Amsterdam rig, the vessel needed to perform an "over the stern loading" where the 133 meter tall rig is positioned at the rear of the transport ship with one of the three legs hanging over the stern and the other two over each side of the vessel.

The video, supplied by the Port of Grenaa, Denmark, shows the loading and departure of the rig - a highly complex and unique operation! You can watch the video here.

A world-first route for rigs

The rig itself was transported using the Northern Sea Route in its entirety, from the Port of Grenaa, Denmark to Qingdao, China - a never before taken route for a single rig transportation. 

Transit of NSR

Source: Voyage route provided by Sea/net

The right solution, delivered

In understanding these unique set of circumstances, the Clarksons Towage, Salvage and Transportation team (based in London) and the Offshore Shipbroking team (based in Singapore) were able to source and fix the required tugs and specialist arctic classed vessel "Audax" to fulfil the needs of this transportation. The expertise and cross collaboration between teams and global locations contributed towards the success of the voyage which is due to complete in Qingdao on 12th September where the rig offloading will take place.