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As a global leader in maritime solutions, Clarksons’ expertise ensures that your maritime bunkering needs are met with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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High quality marine lubricants

Quality is paramount when it comes to ship lubricants. Clarksons provides high quality onboard lubricants that are formulated for the specific needs of marine engines and machinery. We have access to a comprehensive range of lubricants that are compatible with different types of engines, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your vessels. Our specialist team is also on-hand to provide guidance on compliance with industry regulations. And thanks to our strong global network, you can access the ship lubricants you need at ports around the world, facilitating smooth operations for your international fleets.

A strategic partnership with Dan-Bunkering

In our relentless commitment to excellence, we have forged a strategic partnership with Dan-Bunkering, a renowned name in the bunkering industry. This collaboration enhances our capabilities, providing you with a comprehensive and seamless bunkering experience. Together, we aim to deliver the best solutions, tailored to your unique requirements. Our combined reach enables us to operate in key maritime hubs worldwide, facilitating the supply of bunker fuels to a diverse range of vessels, including container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, and more.

Financial dynamics

Understanding the financial dynamics of the maritime industry, we offer various financial options to suit your needs. Our extended credit options, volume discounts, and competitive pricing structures empower you to manage your budget effectively while receiving market-leading bunkering services. Furthermore, our in-depth understanding of each location's nuances ensures that your vessel's time alongside is minimised, helping optimise the efficiency of your ship bunkering operation and saving you time and money.

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Safety & environmental protection

We go to great lengths to adhere to all necessary international and regional regulations to ensure safety, environmental protection, and fuel quality. We also put in place extensive quality control measures, including bunker surveys and testing to verify the specifications of the supplied fuel. These measures help ensure that your vessels receive bunker fuel that meets the required standards for safe and efficient operation. Furthermore, our bunkering procedures involve comprehensive safety measures to prevent spills, ensure the quality of bunker fuel, and adhere to environmental regulations. These include conducting safety checks, verifying quantities, and following industry best practices.

container and bulk cargo terminal

Clarksons understands that ship bunkering is a critical aspect of maritime operations. Our mission is to ensure that your vessels have the necessary fuel to power their engines and keep global trade moving. We have the skills and equipment to provide a variety of maritime bunker delivery methods, including shore-to-ship delivery and ship-to-ship bunkering (while anchored or at sea). So whether your fleet requires Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Marine Gas Oil (MGO), or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), we offer a reliable and timely supply of fuel.

Flexibility is key in the maritime world. That’s why Clarksons gives you access to fuel and lubricants anywhere, anytime. Linked to a global network of dedicated bunkering terminals, ports and anchorages with specialised facilities, our ship bunkering service covers all major ports around the world. Whether your vessel is navigating the bustling ports of Asia, the expansive waters of the Americas, or the intricate channels of Europe, our bunkering services ensure a timely and reliable supply to keep your operations running smoothly.

Building strong relationships with local approved bunker suppliers is a cornerstone of our approach. Clarksons prides itself on the network of connections we have cultivated over decades in maritime hubs around the globe. This enables us to serve the fuelling needs of a diverse range of maritime vessels. So whether you operate a fleet of vessels or manage a single ship, Clarksons can provide tailored bunkering solutions that meet your specific needs. These relationships also enable us to secure the best quality bunkers at competitive prices, ensuring that your vessel receives top-grade bunker fuel and lubricants at every port of call.