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From project planning all the way to completion, our experienced team provides comprehensive project logistics consultancy at every step. Offering tailored services, built to your specific requirements and backed by decades of experience, we enable you to approach maritime project logistics with confidence.

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A strategic approach to financial efficiency

Our expert team helps you optimise project costs while maintaining quality and efficiency. We ensure that resources are optimally allocated throughout the project lifecycle and offer meticulous cost management so that you have financial transparency across every aspect of your maritime project.

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Cutting-edge technology that delivers project success

Combining market-leading technology with decades of industry experience, we deliver expert route planning management services. We consider weather conditions, port capabilities, vessel specifications, and more to ensure efficient route planning and optimal project logistics.

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Reliable data for better-informed decisions

Enhance your decision-making with meticulous site surveys. Our comprehensive assessments provide crucial data for project planning and execution, ensuring your initiatives are firmly anchored in a clear understanding of on-site conditions and built on strategic insights that support project success.


Navigating complex projects with ease

Focus on the core elements of your project while we take care of the administrative side of things. Whether you’re looking for expert project admin support, managing documentation, or overseeing compliance and regulatory requirements, our expert team is on-hand to guide you through even the most complex of projects. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a global network of contacts, our team is also able to provide best-in-class support with tenders for offshore energy projects.

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Streamlined project logistics for seamless project execution

From mobilisation planning to supplying experienced personnel to work with your project teams, we develop comprehensive solutions that ensure your maritime project runs smoothly and efficiently.


Reliable and cost-effective solutions

Vessel logistics support which delivers smooth operations, minimises turnaround times and optimises overall efficiency in port - that’s what our expert team provides. From berth planning and cargo handling to Customs clearance and navigation support, our comprehensive range of vessel logistics services support the efficient movement, handling, and management of vessels.

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Expert partner in project logistics consultancy

In the maritime industry, where projects can be complex and involve various stakeholders, you need a trusted partner at your side. Working with Clarksons’ project logistics specialists allows you to tackle even the most challenging of projects with confidence. Our specialist team brings extensive shipping expertise and deep sector experience to your business. The result? Best-in-class project logistics support that guarantees effective collaboration, attention to detail and a strategic approach to achieving project success and maximising financial efficiency. 

Offering a wide range of fully customisable solutions, we’re able to tailor our services to the unique needs of your shipping project. From cost management to route planning, site surveys to administrative tasks, our consultancy and advisory service spans the full range of project logistics and vessel logistics support requirements. We are by your side every step of the way, from project planning through to completion. And thanks to our strong global network, you can rely on us for cost-effective vessel logistics support and seamless project execution. 

Clarksons is committed to excellence. So while our consultancy services focus on optimising costs and efficiency, we never compromise quality. Our expert team is on-hand to advise and help you in making informed decisions that align with your project's objectives and provide efficient, reliable vessel logistics support. From berth planning to Customs clearance and navigation support, you can trust Clarksons to minimise turnaround times, avoid unnecessary disruptions and optimise overall efficiency from start to finish.