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With more than 100 years of combined shipping experience, we lead the field in international towage and salvage broking.

As a team dedicated to the towage and salvage industry, we provide:

  • Immediate tug assistance
  • On-call 24/7 - for immediate assistance call: +44 20 7645 5032
  • A bespoke computer database tracking 6000+ tugs worldwide
  • Effective and impartial services to ship-owners, managers, underwriters and others in the marine industries when towage and/or salvage may be required.

We provide a single point of contact for salvors, shipowners, tug owners, H&M and P&I underwirters.  Our database and extensive range of contacts means access to a wide range of tug owners - both international and local.  As part of the larger Clarksons Platou Offshore team we have unique access to the breadth and depth of geographical market coverage and in house research and analysis, ensuring that the information we provide to our clients is the most up to date and relevant.

Clients value our ability to analyse positions and global availability of assets in this niche market and to offer competitive and realistic prices and contracts.

Adrian Goodger
Towage, Salvage& Heavy Lift Transportation

We are experts in planning, budgeting and advising on existing and upcoming projects - avoiding any potential disputes and can mediate where necessary.  This allows us to monitor the performance of on-going contracts and handle financial matters and timeline declarations or critical trigger points under contracts.  Projects can include broking services for the heavy lift and tug and barge industries, moving heavy and awkward loads, jack-ups and submersible rigs, as well as the transportation of marine and civil engineering equipment by project-type ships using self-load/self-discharge facilities.

Years of experience together with a reputation for confidentiality and honesty in all our dealings is what best describes the team.

Adrian Goodger
Towage, Salvage & Heavy Lift Transportation

We are Associate Members of the International Salvage Union (ISU).

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