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Specialist project procurement and advisory for offshore heavy lift transport and installation

We are an extension of your team, providing strategic EPC and package interface management. Our specialists are able to provide support throughout the full lifecycle of your offshore project – from early concession and competitive tender analysis, right up to the full commitment of transport and installation (T&I) chartering during the project execution phase. With long-standing, sector specific experience, we are able to support our clients by delivering cost-effective yet sustainable solutions no matter the size, complexity, or location of the project. We specialise in heavy lift brokerage, heavy transport brokerage, and liaising with tier 1 contractors in the foundations, cable and turbine transport & installation phase of offshore wind farm construction.

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T&I with global reach

Well-respected within the international renewables and offshore heavy lift shipping sector, and with 53 offices in our global network, we provide specialist procurement advice and support throughout your transport and installation projects worldwide. Thanks to our deep understanding of the logistics involved in transporting and installing large offshore structures (such as foundations, turbines and cables), we are able to support clients at every stage of their project. Our wide-ranging expertise spans everything from project component transport and heavy lift and fabrication transport, to project-specific offshore installation services.

“Our well-established relationships and due diligence with key industry players allow us to deliver superior levels of client support from pre-FEED vessel analysis to full construction support in the transport & installation stages of the foundation, cable and turbine packages.”


Tailored solutions for offshore wind projects and heavy lift project cargo

Our comprehensive service offering includes dedicated installation project analysis, foundation fabrication and transport scenario analysis, full offshore wind EPC and multi-contracting strategic support, project heavy lift and T&I brokerage, as well as specialist consultancy and advice. Our specialist offshore transport services team has the skills and knowledge required to support your project, mitigate risk and provide a competitive advantage in various shipping elements of your offshore wind construction.