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Vessel Market Intelligence and Consultancy for Offshore Energy

Clarksons Vessel iQ service is revolutionizing vessel planning and procurement for the offshore energy sector. A team of marine advisors provide consultancy services through a web-based portal, delivering curated vessel data, news, and intelligence for procurement professionals, charterers, vessel owners, and contractors.

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Market intelligence - anytime, anywhere

Easily access global vessel data

The offshore energy sector is complex and our specialist offshore teams understand these complexities. We are simplifying this for clients by consolidating the necessary market intelligence into a single accessible web based portal, available anytime and anywhere, bolstered by the guidance of marine advisors. Clarksons Vessel iQ represents a paradigm shift for the offshore energy sector and its stakeholders. We want to simplify, expedite, and streamline vessel planning and procurement, reducing the typical challenges encountered when dealing with diverse vessel requirements for offshore projects.

Behind each vessel segment, a team of dedicated professionals are available to provide clients with clarifications, address technical queries, and offer advice on the optimal way forward.

Instant access to market and industry intelligence

Every month, strategic vessel news for each segment will be compiled and updated within a vessel report. Included vessel types: WTIV, FFIV, CSOV/SOV, CLV, HLT AHTS, PSVs, and CTVs.

Each quarter, a market report will look at news across vessel segments, capturing changes and trends, including how offshore wind and O&G is progressing and innovating around the world.

Each week, Clarksons share a newsletter with vessel specific news collated all in one place. It's always relative to offshore wind and marine activities with a wider energy perspective which often challenges and/or compliments offshore wind.

Offshore wind and O&G are innovating at a rapid pace. In our quarterly report, we capture updates and announcements specific to offshore projects that include reducing CO2, access technology, vessel design, cranes, lean process, and software, all of which are driving change and reducing the cost of energy offshore.

Clients who have commissioned Clarksons to produce a bespoke report or study will find their data stored for convenience in one location within the secure portal.

Clarksons will collate a list of events of interest to our subscribers and share event information in one location. We will also share updates on webinars and networking events, building a strong community for offshore energy professionals.


Streamline your decision-making process

As the premier offshore vessel service provider worldwide, Vessel iQ infuses local insights into the offshore energy sector. We aggregate primary market industry information, offering our clients access — anytime, anywhere via the Vessel iQ web portal. What sets this portal apart is its pragmatic application of intelligence, tailored to each vessel segment. This is made possible through the utilization of our expansive network comprising shipbrokers, marine consultancy advisors, and research analysts.

Accelerate Success

Get ahead of the competition

Vessel iQ opens a gateway to thousands of Clarksons individuals in key markets globally, fostering personal connections with ports, vessel owners, and local authorities. This dedicated team aids projects and procurement within your organization, accelerating processes efficiently. This service not only optimizes current procedures but propels your project ahead of competitors, ensuring a competitive edge.

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