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Leading shipbroker in all deep sea tanker chartering and broking services

From 20,000 dwt ships to tankers over 300,000 dwt, our team of experienced tanker brokers offer unmatched deep sea tanker chartering. Specialists in crude oil as well as clean and dirty petroleum products, we deliver reliable and efficient tanker brokerage services that meet the needs of our global client base. Firmly established at the forefront of the sector, oil companies, traders and shipowners depend on our rich market intelligence to facilitate deals, while producers and refiners rate our negotiation expertise.

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Broking all vessel sizes

Our specialist team deals with tankers of varying sizes – from 20,000 dwt vessels transporting refined petroleum products (such as naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline, gasoil and fuel oil), to 300,000 dwt crude oil tankers. And we cover a range of chartering options, including spot charters, time charters and contracts of affreightment (COAs). Our broad offering and commitment to excellence in service delivery sees us work closely with clients to optimise their chartering decision making based on their specific requirements. We also offer individual project consultancy, delivering tailored solutions built around a client’s unique shipping goals.

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Global coverage and localised insight

Our scale and geographical spread means that we cover every major crude oil loading area, including the Arabian Gulf, West Africa, Mediterranean/Black Sea, Baltic and North Sea, Caribbean and United States West Coast and South America - and deliver to refineries worldwide. Our deep sea tanker chartering team has extensive market knowledge and access to in-depth industry analysis, including freight rate forecasts and vessel availability assessments, to help you make informed decisions about your tanker chartering needs.

Oil Ship tanker or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ship on the sea transportation oil/gas from refinery

Neo Tsangarides

Global Managing Director, Tankers