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At the heart of the global gas markets. We are leading the way in the brokerage of LPG, Ammonia, Petrochemical Gases and LNG and are committed to the emerging marine transportation of CO₂ and the development of green ammonia.

We’re the world’s most comprehensive and widely recognised gas brokerage service. Our expert teams are able to advise and guide clients from project inception to contract execution, post-fixture through to transaction expiry.

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We have offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Spain, Singapore, China and Japan.



Our team speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, French, Mandarin and Portuguese.


Specialists in the team

We have more than 40 brokers, supported by 3 dedicated analysts and 10 post-fixture experts.


Specialist knowledge, extensive experience

Our comprehensive range of chartering services includes market analysis, time charters, voyage charters, storage, and post-fixture support for LPG, ammonia, LNG, petrochemical gases and CO₂. With access to extensive market intelligence, backed by analysts and expert post-fixture services - we’re able to provide efficient, flexible long-term LPG, ammonia, CO₂ and LNG shipping solutions thanks to our close relationships with shipowners.

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Expert understanding of LPG specific requirements

Well-known across the industry, our dedicated LPG brokers have an unrivalled track record for their hands-on guidance and commercial execution skills. Working hand in hand with LPG chartering, we’re able to deliver market strategy and advice based on our enhanced knowledge of the industry. We have an in-depth understanding of a range of specialist services including combined ship and commodity transactions, FOB, CFR, DAP, spot transactions, term transactions, storage and throughput deals and LPG derivatives.


Unique market insight

We have extensive experience handling Sale and Purchase and newbuilding contracts, having worked across this highly-specialised field for several decades. Collaborating closely with the Gas analysts and Chartering teams, we provide best-in-class project support and strategic solutions for our clients. We cover all types of gas ships and are known for our expertise in vessel design innovations, investment validation, futureproofing and technical advice.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanker Moored To The Jetty

Insight across the ammonia and carbon market

Our experienced team aims to provide insight and analysis across the CO₂ and ammonia markets. Whether you are involved in existing or prospective ammonia trades, associated with traditional demand, power generation, alternative marine propulsion or hydrogen carriage, we can provide a wealth of market knowledge to inform better decisions on your deployment of low carbon shipping and trading strategies.

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Carbon Capture Storage
Developing sector

Green ammonia shipping

We are experts in green ammonia shipping. At Clarksons, we have been the leading provider of shipping-related services to the ammonia industry for more than 40 years, and remain at the vanguard of this ever-developing sector. Recently, developments in green ammonia and CO₂ carriage have become a focal point for our services. We welcome the efforts being made to decarbonise the ammonia industry, while at the same time remaining steadfastly committed to our traditional ammonia clients.

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A comprehensive gas brokerage service

With an extensive knowledge base and ability to draw on the strengths of the wider Clarksons’ Group, our exhaustive range of services includes market analysis, short and long-term chartering, vessel Sale & Purchase, as well as project-type requirements incorporating all these elements. Our unique skill-base enables us to work closely with clients through every stage of the transaction, across LPG, Ammonia, LNG, CO₂ and petrochemical gases.

Spanning three continents and covering most time zones, our specialist gas teams, LPG brokers and LNG brokers work seamlessly to provide the highest level of client support. By bringing all the gas disciplines together, we leverage the natural synergies within our client base and take advantage of technological developments in order to move towards more efficient and environmentally conscious shipping. Globally recognised for our hands-on expertise, we have been influential in numerous major shipping and commodity projects across the industry.

Globally recognised for our hands-on expertise, we have been influential in numerous major shipping and commodity projects across the industry - for example, in the advancement and contracting of new ship designs in response to anticipated shifts in trade patterns and transportation economies. And we continue to enhance our service offering as the industry rapidly accelerates towards greener shipping, partnering with clients to support decarbonisation strategies, including those focused on the production, storage, utilisation and marine transportation of CO₂ and green ammonia.    

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CO2 and Ammonia Gases

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In 2019, the UK government committed to a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 compared to 1990 levels. This net zero target, aimed at tackling climate change, has prompted significant developments in the country’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) efforts. In September 2022, the latest round of NSTA licence applications closed, with the details of awarded licences confirmed in September 2023.

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There were cheers, literally, from the audience at the recent Carbon Capture & Storage Association (CCSA) conference in London when news broke that midstream player Gasunie and its fellow Dutch state-controlled partners had taken FID on the E1.3 billion Porthos CO2 transport and storage venture, the most advanced carbon sequestration project in the Netherlands.

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CO2 and Ammonia Gases

Emerging Players and Projects in UK Carbon Storage

In September 2022, the most recent round of NSTA licence applications closed. Reports have been circulating since late this spring about the likely awardees, but it was only a year later, in September 2023, that details were finally confirmed.

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