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The Gases team is firmly established at the heart of the global gas markets, leading the way in the brokerage of LPG, Ammonia, Petrochemical Gases and LNG. We are committed to the emerging marine transportation of CO₂ and the development of green ammonia.



We have offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Spain, Singapore, China and Japan.


Specialists in the team

We have more than 40 gas brokers, supported by 3 dedicated analysts and 10 post-fixture experts.



Our team speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, French, Mandarin and Portuguese.

Gas Brokerage Services



Combining specialist knowledge and extensive experience

  • LPG, Ammonia, LNG
  • Petrochemical Gases, CO2
  • Post-Fixture Support
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Market Analysis
  • Comprehensive Service Range.
  • Time Charters
  • Voyage Charters
  • Contracts of Affreightment
  • Coastal
  • Long-Haul
  • Storage
  • Ship-to-Ship
  • Term Strategy
  • Projects.

With access to extensive market intelligence, backed by dedicated analysts, as well as expert post-fixture services - we’re uniquely positioned to help clients grow their businesses and navigate the challenges of regulation changes and environmental demands. Our close relationships with shipowners enables us to provide efficient and flexible, long-term shipping solutions.


Chartering team

Discuss your requirements and find out how we can support your business.

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Commodity Broking

Commodity Broking

Expert understanding of the sector’s specific requirements

  • LPG
  • Hands-on Guidance
  • Commercial Execution Skills
  • Combined Ship and Commodity Transactions
  • Market Strategy.
  • FOB
  • CFR
  • DAP
  • Spot Transactions
  • Term Transactions
  • Grade, Location, and Time Exchanges
  • Storage and Throughput Deals
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Import and Export Project Development
  • LPG Derivatives.

Known across the industry, our dedicated LPG commodity brokers have an unrivalled track record. Working hand in hand with LPG chartering to deliver enhanced knowledge of the industry.


LPG Commodity team

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Asset Broking

Asset Broking

Unique market insight

  • Coverage of All Gas Ship Types
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Newbuildings
  • Vessel Design Innovations
  • Investment Validation.
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Newbuilding Contracts
  • Design Advancements
  • Futureproofing
  • Technical Advisory
  • Asset Tenders.

We have extensive experience over several decades handling Sale and Purchase and newbuilding contracts in this highly-specialised field. Working closely with the Gas analysts and Chartering teams, we provide best-in-class project and strategic solutions for our clients.


Asset Broking team

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Comprehensive gas brokerage service

We’re the world’s most comprehensive and widely recognised gas brokerage service. Our expert teams are able to advise and guide clients from project inception to contract execution, post-fixture through to transaction expiry. With an extensive knowledge base and ability to draw on the strengths of the wider Clarksons’ Group, our exhaustive range of services includes market analysis, short and long-term chartering, vessel Sale & Purchase, as well as project-type requirements incorporating all these elements. 

Our unique skill-base enables us to work closely with clients through every stage of the transaction, across LPG, Ammonia, LNG, CO₂ and petrochemical gases. Spanning three continents and covering most time zones, our gas broker specialist teams work seamlessly to provide the highest level of client support. By bringing all the gas disciplines together, we leverage the natural synergies within our client base and take advantage of technological developments in order to move towards more efficient and environmentally conscious shipping.

Globally recognised for our hands-on expertise, we have been influential in numerous major shipping and commodity projects across the industry. For example, in the advancement and contracting of new ship designs in response to anticipated shifts in trade patterns and transportation economies. And we continue to enhance our gas brokerage service offering as the industry rapidly accelerates towards greener shipping, partnering with clients to support decarbonisation strategies, including those focused on the production, storage, utilisation and marine transportation of CO₂ and green ammonia.    

Broking Terms of Business

Green ammonia in shipping

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