Clarksons’ shipbroking services are unrivalled – in terms of the number and calibre of our brokers, our breadth of market coverage, geographical spread and depth of intelligence resources.

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Acting as intermediaries between directly contracting counterparties, our broking teams have the expertise, experience and support structure to make deals happen.

This means bringing together a company with a cargo to ship and a company with a vessel able to transport it, bringing together buyers and sellers of secondhand ships and contracting newbuildings. We have specialist broking teams dealing in all major markets: containers, dry cargo, deep sea tankers, LPG and ammonia, LNG, offshore, petrochemical gases, shortsea and specialised products - for chartering and sale and purchase.

Best in class

We aspire to be best-in-class in all the industry's key sectors and a market leader in each and every continent where we have offices.  We are the only truly worldwide broker, providing a global service on a local basis from a network of offices strategically located in the same marketplaces and time zones as our clients. Agreements brokered by our people result in ships of all sizes criss-crossing the oceans on the great arteries of trade, carrying every conceivable cargo from commodities like iron ore, coal, grain and crude oil to foodstuffs, cars, household goods, chemicals and industrial equipment.

Team Clarksons

What each ship has in common is the support of more than 1600 Clarksons professionals in 54 offices worldwide. Team Clarksons is exactly that: a team that shares best practice, bringing the experience and expertise gained on one project to the challenges faced on another.

We drive performance by combining our 164 year heritage with the very latest market leading IT platforms, available anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Leading analytical support

We have the largest team of analysts in the industry. Sitting alongside the brokers, in every major market segment, they bring together the strengths and benefits of Clarksons Research whilst interfacing constantly with the broking teams, gathering and interpreting information from a huge range of sources to create a key Clarksons competitive advantage: market intelligence.

Our brokers and clients are simply better informed - on market mechanisms and movements, supply and demand, order books and trade flows. They know where the market is and have greater insight into the drivers of where it is heading. That intelligence translates directly into more informed decision-making.


  • Clarksons Platou Futures

    Through Clarksons Platou Futures we offer comprehensive FFA (Forward Freight Agreement) and specialist commodity derivative broking services to shipping companies, banks, investment houses and other institutions seeking to manage freight exposure by increasing or reducing risk

  • Clarksons Platou Commodities USA LLC

    Clarksons Platou Commodities USA LLC is recognized worldwide for facilitating both physical and financial transactions in the Natural Gas Liquids markets.

  • Containers

    Container ships play a significant role in the shipping business, carrying high value cargoes of manufactured goods all over the world, accounting for more than 60% by value of global seaborne trade.

  • Deep Sea Tankers

    We broker deals for the huge vessels that carry crude or petroleum products across the world. As truly global brokers, we handle more deep sea business than any other company. Our experienced teams have long-standing and close working relationships with all the major owners and charterers.

  • Dry Cargo

    Dry Cargo chartering is a varied and complex market involving more than three billion tonnes of cargo each year. Our experienced team based in 15 countries acts as a vital link between charterers and shipowners who need to transport the goods required by a growing global population.

  • LPG and Ammonia

    Operating in a rapidly evolving and complex market, our customers rely on our industry-leading LPG and Ammonia team to provide the full range of gas-related services including ship, commodity, derivative and asset broking. We also offer financial instrument broking and derivative knowledge via our regulated entity Clarksons Platou Commodities USA LLC.

  • LNG

    We provide an extensive range of commercial expertise and solutions along the entire LNG marine supply chain, to an increasing number of existing and new customers active in this rapidly-expanding and specialised sector.

  • Offshore Field Development

    Providing broker and commercial advisory services to companies involved in offshore vessel procurement and business transactions relating to new and existing offshore field development projects.

  • Offshore Rigs

    Located in Oslo, Singapore and Houston, our rig department enables us to serve our global clients 24/7, and to pursue business opportunities wherever they emerge.

  • Offshore Subsea

    Providing specialist offshore broking services to clients operating in the Subsea and Renewables markets.

  • Offshore Support Vessels

    Working with owners, oil and gas companies, shipyards, designers, class authorities, investors and financial institutions we bring our expertise to any project.

  • PCTC

    Specialised brokers in the global transportation of cars and other rolling material for more than 40 years, Clarksons Platou's dedicated PCTC team is a recognised leader in the field.

  • Petrochemical Gas

    Our industry leading team focuses exclusively on the highly specialised demands of the seaborne transportation of petrochemical gases and coastal LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

  • Renewables

    The Clarksons Platou Offshore Renewables team is unrivalled with its pedigree of completing offshore projects and transactions. It is the only truly global team with offices in Aberdeen, London, Oslo, Houston, Singapore and Shanghai.

  • Sale and Purchase

    Our coverage of the sale and purchase market is without equal in terms of scope and scale, through our strategically located teams across Europe and Asia.

  • Minibulk

    Whilst the Dry Cargo team focuses on long distance trade routes, our Minibulk team is responsible for the movement of similar goods on smaller vessels and shorter routes.

  • Specialised Products

    From a complex chemical derivative to simple molasses, our Specialised Products team helps move a hugely diverse range of cargoes, each with its own individual carriage requirements. The sheer diversity of the market calls for a wide knowledge of each and every product and vessel type.

  • Towage, Salvage & Transportation

    With more than 100 years of combined shipping experience, we lead the field in international towage and salvage broking.

  • Market Analysts

    An integral part of the broking business with unique market intelligence and the largest collection of commercial shipping data, our team of market analysts provides a key service to both our brokers and clients.