• 171m

     2014 estimated annual trade in containers (teu)

  • 7.8%

     20 year avg.
    growth in

  • 17.1m

     Container fleet capacity at the start of 2013 (teu)

  • 20

     Number of staff

Container ships play a significant role in the shipping business, carrying high value cargoes of manufactured goods all over the world, accounting for more than 60% by value of global seaborne trade.

Most of the products that satisfy global consumer demand are transported in the multi-coloured branded containers familiar to us all. From home electronics and car parts to foodstuffs, textiles, chemicals and bulk commodities such as scrap metal, they cross the oceans on vast vessels - the next generation of which will be almost 400 metres long, over 50 metres wide and be capable of carrying 18,000 individual containers.

Container shipping covers all global trades: from small inter-regional feeder routes to major trades such as those between Asia and Europe and Asia and the USA.   This vital sector of the shipping market is set to become more important still, with container traffic historically having  grown at an average rate around three times faster than the dry cargo and tanker trades.

Our role is to service the needs of the world's major shipping lines and of the container ship owning companies, broking deals that enable both to operate and build the businesses that in turn meet the needs of the increasing global demand for goods. We do this through a dedicated container chartering team based in London, Singapore and Shanghai and in close cooperation with other Clarksons' regional offices.  

Our business is based on the excellent business relationships that we have built up over decades of working with the liner companies and vessel owners.

Chis Smith
MD & Global Head of Containers

Our clients value our discretion, independence and commitment to their business as well as the operational transparency that comes from Clarksons' PLC status. Their needs can be multi-fold and we are best placed to meet each one whether this be short term charter cover for a vessel in dry-dock or long term period cover for an existing or new service, the contracting of newbuildings or secondhand vessel sale and purchase.  Our close relationship with Clarksons Platou Securities and Clarksons Platou Debt & Leasing Solutions also gives us a key competitive edge - not only do we bring two parties together but we can also assist them in financing the deal through full investment banking services and tailored debt solutions.

The team's unrivalled level of industry knowledge is underpinned by the unique Clarksons research capability.

Steve Goodrich
MD & Global Head of Containers

We have full access to the industry's most detailed data, time series and publications.  This enables us to track market fundamentals and developments and to pass this strategic intelligence onto our clients.

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Vessel types

  • /media/893344/containers ULCS.png

    Vessel type

    ULCS Container

    Typical size

    13,000 TEU

    Typical Trade

    Far East-Europe

  • /media/893338/containers super post panamax.png

    Vessel type

    Super-Post Panamax Container

    Typical size

    9,000 TEU

    Typical Trade

    Far East-Europe/trans-Pacific

  • /media/893326/containers post panamax.png

    Vessel type

    Post-Panamax Container

    Typical size

    6,800 TEU

    Typical Trade


  • /media/893320/containers panamax.png

    Vessel type

    Panamax Container

    Typical size

    4,400 TEU

    Typical Trade


  • /media/893332/containers sub panamax.png

    Vessel type

    Sub-Panamax Container

    Typical size

    2,750 TEU

    Typical Trade


  • /media/893314/containers feeder handysize.png

    Vessel type

    Feeder / Handy Container

    Typical size

    1,700 TEU

    Typical Trade


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