LPG and Ammonia

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     LPG Trade 2020

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     Ammonia trade 2020

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Operating in a rapidly evolving and complex market, our customers rely on our industry-leading LPG and Ammonia team to provide the full range of gas-related services including ship, commodity, derivative and asset broking. We also offer financial instrument broking and derivative knowledge via our regulated entity Clarksons Platou Commodities USA LLC.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) - a by-product of natural gas and crude oil - and ammonia which is used within industrial processes and the production of fertiliser, are carried in specialist vessels of 15,000-84,000 cubic metres. These vessels transport cargo in a liquid form, under pressure or in a refrigerated state on global routes such as the Middle East to South East Asia and the Far East. 

With a team of more than 16 brokers, two dedicated gas analysts and three operational support staff, we are the largest player in this relatively small but highly-specialised field, benefiting from more than 300 years cumulative experience in the gas business.

MD Gas

Our aim is to provide a complete service, directing our in-depth knowledge to meet all of our client requirements.  In this sector, trading and the shipping of the commodity are very closely linked. Our clients are frequently involved in both and expect us to provde wide-ranging capabilities.  Our services therefore range from the evaluation and the execution of second-hand or newbuilding contracts to chartering, implementation of commodity and/or derivative brokerage and hedging. Working closely with other divisions within Clarksons we also provide financial solutions for longer-term chartering and asset-based contracts. Our focus is to evolve with our clients, providing them with strategic support in order to develop long-term relationships.

All of this is backed up by experienced analysts working in tandem with our Research Division, who are together responsible for the industry's most valued market intelligence. Post-fixture is where we also strive for excellence and where our experienced and professional operational support team help to differentiate us from our competitors.

MD Gas

No other broker offers such a comprehensive range of services.

With offices in London, Oslo, Houston and Singapore, we have built an industry-leading reputation over more than half a century of brokerage - a reputation not only for bringing challenging deals to fruition and for meeting the changing needs of an ever-growing range of clients but also for the professionalism and effectiveness of our commercial broking and post-fixture support staff.  Put simply, we deliver.

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Vessel types

  • /media/130073/VLGCw_o_180.png

    Vessel type

    VLGC Gas

    Typical Size

    60,000-99,999 m3

    Typical Length

    226.8 (m)

  • /media/893422/Gas LGC.png

    Vessel type

    LGC Gas

    Typical Size

    40,000-59,999 m3

    Typical Length

    204.3 (m)

  • /media/129989/Midsize_w_o_180.png

    Vessel type

    Midsize Gas

    Typical Size

    20,000-39,999 m3

    Typical Length

    167.5 (m)

  • /media/893434/Gas small gas handysize.png

    Vessel type

    Handysize Gas

    Typical Size

    10,000-19,999 m3

    Typical Length

    142.3 (m)

  • /media/893440/Gas small gas semi ref eth.png

    Vessel type

    Semi Ref / Eth Gas

    Typical Size

    5,000-9,999 m3

    Typical Length

    113.4 (m)

  • /media/893446/Gas small gas small semi ref eth.png

    Vessel type

    Small Semi-Ref / Eth Gas

    Typical Size

    upto 4,999 m3

    Typical Length

    72.7 (m)

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