Petrochemical Gas and Coastal LPG

  • 327

     Number of Semi Ref Vessels at the Start of 2014

  • 677

     Number of Pressure Vessels at the Start of 2014

  • 9.5m

     Main Deep Sea Petchems Trade 2013 (mt)

  • -104

     Temperature of Fully Ref Ethylene
    (Minus °c)

Our industry leading team focuses exclusively on the highly specialised demands of the seaborne transportation of petrochemical gases and coastal LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

We have an expert understanding of the very specific requirements of this market sector, characterised as it is by a high turnover of global shipments in a range of specialist vessels: pressure, semi-refrigerated and ethylene from 1,500 to 23,000 cubic metres. The petrochemical gas trade consists primarily of shipments of ethylene, propylene, butadiene and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) all of which are used extensively as raw materials within the industrial production of a wide variety of plastics and synthetic rubber.

Working seamlessly, our teams in London and Oslo bring specialist knowledge and extensive experience to oil majors, petrochemical producers and traders alike. Our main business areas include: spot chartering for individual charters; term charters for both Contracts of Affreightment (CoAs) and short or long timecharters; and the sale and purchase of both secondhand vessels and the contracting of newbuildings.

Our clients benefit from our unique insight into the market.

Andrew Furze
Director Petrochemical Gas

Dedicated analysts enable better informed decision making by providing clients with a range of market intelligence including up to date information on worldwide developments in trade, export volumes and a broad range of other data about this highly specialised sector. We have access to extensive information on the gas fleet on Shipping Intelligence Network and publications such as the Gas Carrier Register, published by our colleagues in Clarksons Research.


Trust and reputation are key differentiators for our team and our clients can be assured of a bespoke service, backed up by the highest level of support from our experienced broking and operations staff.

Andrew Furze
Director Petrochemical Gas

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Vessel types

  • /media/893434/Gas small gas handysize.png

    Vessel type

    Handysize Gas

    Typical Size

    10,000-19,999 m3

    Typical Length

    142.3 (m)

  • /media/893440/Gas small gas semi ref eth.png

    Vessel type

    Semi Ref / Eth Gas

    Typical Size

    5,000-9,999 m3

    Typical Length

    113.4 (m)

  • /media/893446/Gas small gas small semi ref eth.png

    Vessel type

    Small Semi-Ref / Eth Gas

    Typical Size

    upto 4,999 m3

    Typical Length

    72.7 (m)

  • /media/905943/Gas Pressure (2).png

    Vessel type

    Pressure Gas

    Typical Size

    upto 9,999 m3

    Typical Length

    82.9 (m)

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