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Our coverage of the sale and purchase market is without equal in terms of scope and scale, through our strategically located teams across Europe and Asia.

Our unrivalled expertise and resources help clients successfully sell and buy ships, contract newbuildings and arrange the scrapping of older tonnage, in all the world's major shipping centres. With more than 70 brokers located in Athens, Genoa, Hong Kong, London, Oslo, Shanghai, Singapore and Uppsala, we have a direct presence in every key market. Ours is the world's largest Sale and Purchase team, both in terms of the number of brokers and also in the number and value of transactions handled.

Our client base has been built up over 160 years and includes the world's major independent and publicly listed shipowning companies as well as all the major shipyards in Europe and the Far East.  Dedicated groups of brokers focus on the dry and wet markets, on containers, gas, ro-ro vessels and offshore. The emphasis is on ocean-going tonnage of 10,000 dwt and over, but also extends to technically demanding vessels of very high value for wind farm installation and the transportation of LNG, drillships and drilling rigs as well as support vessels. In the newbuildings sector, our specialised newbuilding teams in London and Shanghai have spent many years successfully developing long term business relationships with the key shipyards worldwide which allow us to accurately guide our clients as to what shipyards are looking to build and what delivery positions are possible.

The shipyards trust and value our market intelligence and rely upon it when making decisions as to which projects they should undertake.

Julian Brynteson
MD Sale and Purchase

We work closely with Clarkson Financial Services and Clarkson Capital Markets. This means that not only can we identify suitable sellers and buyers and bring the two together for single vessel deals, but we can also help buyers raise finance or assist and enable complex sale and leaseback transactions. Through this close teamwork, we have built a reputation as world leaders in the conclusion of blocks of vessels as well as entire fleets. 

In short, we have shipping people who understand banking and banking people who understand shipping - a powerful combination that is unique in our industry.

Julian Brynteson
MD Sale and Purchase

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